"Everything changed for us when we learned how to ATTRACT and Magnetize Wealth instead of chasing it away!"


 "Everything changed for us when we learned how to ATTRACT and Magnetize Wealth instead of chasing it away!"

From the E-desk of TC and Vickie Bradley

Dear Friend,

We first learned about the "Law of Attraction" back in 1996.

Life was not good back then.

It seemed like everything we attempted to do ended up in failure and us further in debt.

It was very frustrating.

The harder we chased "Wealth and Prosperity" the faster it ran away!

We had no idea ( most people do not) that you could really "Attract and Magnetize" Wealth and Prosperity.

We learned that Wealth is not something you pursue.. it is something you Attract!

Once we learned how Attract and Magnetize Wealth the changes were

Fast and Dramatic:

* We Attracted our Waterfront Dream home without a credit check and under market value
 ( it was not even on the market at the time!)

* We built a Multi-Million Dollar Business from scratch within 6 months!

*Successfully invested in Millions of dollars of real estate both locally and all over the country without credit checks

*We Self-Published a Real Estate Investing course that became a Number 1 best seller within 30 days on the internet
(even though we did not know a thing about the internet)

So, go ahead and discount everything we have to say and teach about Magnetizing and Attracting Wealth and Money if you want – but that would be sort of foolish, don’t you think?


So many people are screwed up and messed up when it comes to Money!

They think you have to work hard to make money... well if that were true, all the Garbage Men in the world would be Millionaires!

Do you really think the Billionaires work harder than you do?

Please, not even close.

Have you ever heard of the saying, or maybe you have even said this...
"The Rich get Richer and the Poor get poorer?"
Well, it happens to be true, but there is a reason for this.

There is one thing that ALL Wealthy people have in common.

They know and work with Universal Laws to Attract Wealth.

Most people chase money away and work against these powerful laws  while the wealthy easily and effortlessly ATTRACT wealth in their lives.. it's true.... do any of these things sound familiar to you?

Are you sick and tired of being broke at the end of the month?

Are you sick and tired of all of your friends and family picking on you for being a "dreamer?"

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a total failure?

Are you sick and tired of failing at every home business you start?

Chances are you are "chasing wealth" instead of Attracting wealth!

The harder you chase it the faster it eludes you!

Tis true.

If you have tried business opportunity after business opportunity, real estate course after real estate course, and are not having success, then here is a news flash for you... it ain't the biz opp or real estate course.

It's you!

Real wealth is not found outside of you but within you.

Have you ever wondered why it is that any of those "Lottery Winners" are busted and bankrupt within a few years?

That does not happen by accident.
Listen up.. You cannot make 250k or 500k 750k or even a Million Dollars plus a year with a 50k a year mentality and you sure in the heck won't keep it with one either!
You must change the internal before the external will change.

Most people have it backwards.

They waste their time and money trying to change the external.

They hop from money making program to money making program like a dog chasing its tail... it literally becomes a never-ending nightmare.

What they fail to realize is the magic is not in any program,
the magic is in you!

That is why TC and Vickie are putting together a power packed 3 MP3 Audio program that will empower people to stop "shooting themselves in the foot" and that is going to be especially designed for those that are always "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

In our 3 MP3 Download set of "A Magnet to Money"

Your going to learn:

What is the Law of Attraction?

How to Magnetize and Attract Wealth and Prosperity

How they Attracted their Waterfront Dream Home without credit check  (a home that was not even on the market the time)

  2 of the most Powerful words you can speak and you say them on a daily basis.

  The Most Powerful Financial Affirmation you can say .. (their income quad droppled the first 30 days they applied it)

Why "positive thinking" and "affirmations" alone are not enough and will keep you in the poorhouse!

What the Biggest Roadblocks  to "Wealth Attraction"are

  What they did on a daily basis to help propel the Real Estate Course to a Number 1 best seller (even though they did not know anything about the internet)

  The Specific activities that Wealth is Attracted to!

How to change your state of being in an instant even if your exhausted!

The one account you must have that will take your finances to another level!

The one thing a friend of TC and Vickie's did that took his MLM income to over 100K per month in less than a year and the HUGE mistake he made after that!

and so much more!

When you learn and apply the principals we will teach in "A Magnet to Money" it will be like having your own  private ATM Machine!

Anyone that has ever heard TC teach knows his teaching style is "cut to the chase" and powerful!
This POWERFUL 3 MP3 Download Program is packed solid with what has worked for TC and Vickie and the "Law of Attraction" principals that have taken them from the

"Outhouse to the Penthouse!

No fluff..

No Hype..

No theory..

Just what Flat out ATTRACTS and
Magnetizes Wealth and Prosperity!

OK, TC and Vickie, I am in!... so what is it going to cost me to get these 3 power packed mp3 Digital Downloads  into my hands so that I can learn exactly  how to "Magnetize Wealth and Prosperity" into my life?


Digital Download Only and  Non-Refundable! 
Those of you that are decisive NOW (one of the key habits of wealthy people) not only will save money with our digital dlownloads but you will be just minutes away from learning how to become a ..

"Money Magnet"

One of the things that Wealth is attracted to is speed... boy, is it ever.

So if you find yourself having to "think about it" or "hemming and hawing" about getting these 3 power packed recordings into your hands.. your going in the wrong direction!

People that are indecisive do not attract wealth they chase it away!

Ain't nothing going to change until you change so take the first step.

It's your choice.. a life of the "same o same o" or......

The Life of your Dreams?

It's your choice and your life...

Now how refreshing is that to know that you have the power of choice to change your life.

No one and nothing can stop or deny you except, of course, you.

You were "Attracted" to this web site and information!

When the student is ready... the knowledge appears!

Tis' true.

Be decisive today.

To your success!

TC and Vickie Bradley

P.s.  If any of this "resonates" with your soul" and "feels right" then you are not here by accident and you know what to do!

P.S.S EVERYTHING and we do mean EVERYTHING changed for us when we learned these principals and started applying them in our life.

We would have gladly paid thousands of dollar's to have been able to get the information that is on these recordings into our hands years ago.

It would have saved us years of needless heartache and "never having enough"

You do not have to pay thousands of dollar's nor to you have to endure years of endless hardship and struggle.

While you cannot change your past you must certainly can do something about your future.. Make a stand right now for your own good and be decisive..and get these 3 Recordings into your hands NOW..

You deserve it and you have earned it and your dreams are well worth it!


Digital Download Only and  Non-Refundable!


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